8th CBTF

The 8th Columbus Black Theatre Festival was held this year as a 3 day streaming event in July, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the inability to hold a live theatre event as usual.  The plays and monologues this year were all pre-recorded using safety and social distancing guidelines.  JB3Entertainment was a proud sponsor of this event and James Blackmon served as both a production team member and a director of one of the short plays, "Christmas Gig."  If you missed the festival, please enjoy, "Christmas Gig" and the promotional videos associated with it.  

"Christmas Gig," by Letha Dawson, tells the story of a confrontation between an older, well-to-do white woman and a young, well-dressed black man, and asks the question, "who is the bigger threat to whom - a young black man waiting at a bus stop or a frightened white woman with a cell phone?"  Christmas Gig is directed by James Blackmon and stars Rachel Belenker, El-Ryck Kendrick and Ella Palardi.

Christmas Gig Trailer
Christmas Gig Promo: Rachel Belenker
Christmas Gig Promo: Ella Palardi
Christmas Gig Promo: James Blackmon
Christmas Gig Promo: El-Ryck Kendrick
Christmas Gig


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