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JB3Entertainmenrt is one of Columbus’ newest and most exciting entertainment production companies.  Created and run by award winning actor, director and musician, James Blackmon, JB3Entertainment and James have earned a reputation for producing high quality theatrical entertainment that appeals to a dedicated core audience plus a variety of demographics based on the show produced.

Our core audience is comprised largely of socially conscious men and women ages 35 years and older.  In addition to the theatre, our audiences also tend to frequent other arts events, like the ballet, the opera, the symphony, museums and art galleries.  They are also more apt to spend evenings out at restaurants, night clubs, movies, etc.  Although theatre-goers generally tend to be predominately white, it is important to note that JB3Entertainment attracts a rather ethnically diverse crowd, a direct reflection of the company’s non-traditional casting policy, that is, casting without regard to an actor’s perceived ethnicity.  Also, our audiences tend to be liberal and educated with a large LGBT presence.    


“Talking With…” is a play about 11 women. Marketing for this show will be focused primarily on creating an audience comprised largely of women. Therefore, for this production, we anticipate a mostly female audience.



Announcing JB3Entertainment’s 2018 Advertising Packages:

  • COVER - $125 (outside back, inside back and inside front - 7.25 in x 4.75 in)

    • Includes 2 free tickets plus 4 weeks advertising on our website

  • FULL PAGE - $100 (7.25 in x 4.75 in)

    • Includes 2 free tickets plus four weeks advertising on our web site

  • HALF PAGE - $50 (3.52 x 4.75)

    • Includes 4 weeks advertising on our website

  • QTR PAGE - $25 (1.75 x 4.47 – Business card works well)

    • Includes 4 weeks advertising on our website


Artwork should be saved at 300dpi (for best quality) and must be in JPEG format.  Business cards are perfect for quarter page ads and may be submitted in lieu of a JPEG. 


Deadline for ad submission is Saturday, June 30.  For more information, or to place an ad in the JB3Entertainment PLAYJIM, please contact James Blackmon at


Thank you for your support!

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